Out-Spokin/Conejo Velo, Inc. (dba Conejo Valley Cyclists) (CVC) is an amateur nonprofit recreational bicycling club.  As part of its mission to promote bicycling, the CVC operates multiple mailing lists and a web site, all within the ‘cvcbike.org’ domain.

These online resources provide a forum for the exchange of bicycling information of interest to club members.  To continue to provide a useful forum for discussion of relevant bicycling issues and to protect members’ privacy, the CVC’s online resources (web page, email listserv, forum, etc.) are governed by the following acceptable use and privacy policies.


1. Discussion will focus on issues directly related to bicycling.

2. Postings that include discriminatory or offensive language,  pornographic material, or material which is otherwise inappropriate, unlawful or shows a lack of respect for other participants are prohibited.

3. Retail or wholesale business product or services marketing is generally prohibited except in the following instances:

Individual Members: Current CVC members wishing to sell their bicycles or bicycle parts online.  It’s OK to list a set of wheels for sale; it’s NOT OK to advertise that you’ve set up a business selling jerseys out of your garage.

Merchant (Retail Bike Shop, Service, Commercial) Members: CVC actively supports and encourages our local bike shops, sponsors and merchants.  Our policy is meant to foster a close, mutually beneficial relationship without showing specific favoritism for any one shop or establishment over another.  Although prohibited from posting specific product or sale events, CVC encourages our local bike shop and bike service merchant members to post notice of cycling-related educational, advocacy, product demonstrations or service events to our members that are free of cost or obligation.  This is a change over our previous policy, therefore, CVC and its Board reserve the right to limit this activity should it become excessive, overly competitive or exclusionary in any way.

4. Postings of a political, philosophical or legal nature are prohibited.

5. Using club members’ personally identifiable information (such as name, phone or email address) as a source for private marketing initiatives is prohibited.

6. Autoresponders sending mail either to mailing lists or to the poster are prohibited.

7. The posting of copyrighted materials without written permission of the copyright holder is prohibited.  An exception is the “fair-use” doctrine in which an excerpt or summary of the copyrighted material is posted along with a link to the original material and credit to the copyright holder.

Individuals who violate these guidelines will be contacted and asked to adhere to the guidelines.  If groups or individuals persist in introducing topics that are outside these guidelines, CVC board members or staff will send a request to the entire mailing list requesting adherence to the guidelines.  Repeat violations of these guidelines are grounds for temporary or permanent suspension of posting privileges.